Carpet Cleaning Glasgow

Professional carpet cleaners for Glasgow

Have a glance at your carpets - are they looking a bit drab and need a new lease of life? Flamingo Exterior Cleaning can help. Across the Glasgow and surrounding area, our company offers high quality, efficacious carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

Our professional carpet cleaning company serves across Glasgow, boasting a track record of delighted customers whose revitalised carpets can attest to our success. Everyone’s carpets see a fair bit of action - across their life, they’ll accumulate stains and dirt and can eventually smell a bit whiffy, but our premium cleaning services will target these issues and leave your carpets looking and smelling fresher and cleaner.

We have a wealth of experience tackling a variety of carpet cleaning projects in Glasgow. We are entirely confident that we can transform your carpet so you and your visitors will think it’s brand new.

Benefits of professional carpet cleaning

Making the most of our professional cleaning services will create a whole host of positive effects for you and your property. A deep cleaned carpet instantly changes the first impression you get entering a room, improving the look and feel of your interiors. Ridding your carpet of germs and soil will make your property feel instantly cleaner. We’ve helped our customers use areas within their property that they avoided using before due to old and worn carpet space. Our rug cleaning in Glasgow is carried out using expert equipment that caters to a variety of carpet types.

Our cleaning process

Our professional carpet cleaning company, over time and through experience, have developed a process that we know is effective and optimal for removing dirt, grime and stains on your carpet. We’ll have your carpet looking brand new in no time. Trust the process.

  • The area of carpet is cleared of any furniture like tables or decorative items to allow access for cleaning.
  • At this point we use our powerful prespray and agitation methods. The surface of the carpet is agitated using equipment designed to do this with high efficacy to prime the carpet.
  • We then use our spray and extraction system to rinse and deep clean the carpet. We target any stains identified to spot clean them and the carpet is deodorised.
  • This final stage sees the furniture and any other moved items placed back in position. Polystyrene and pads are used to prevent any runs occuring when the carpet is drying.

Why choose us for your carpets?

Whether you’re situated in Bearsden, Rutherglen, or the West End of the city, we travel to every corner of Glasgow to bring our professional carpet cleaning to anyone that’s reached out to us. We find pleasure in seeing the before and after results of our work and the happiness that it brings to those in need of a freshen up. We utilise the most up-to-date rug cleaning technology that has optimal results for your carpets. Flamingo Exterior Cleaning use our experience in the field to carefully select chemicals that will thoroughly and effectively cleanse your carpet to bring about an unmatched freshness. Our company focuses on producing hard, visible results for our clients whilst accompanying this with a professional and warm service that is tailored to the individual needs of every customer. Our brand is centred around offering a service that anyone would feel excited to tell their friends and family about. No matter what your query is, about our services or otherwise, we’re always on the other end of the phone to settle your worries and give you peace of mind.

Fully insured and accredited

Flamingo Exterior Cleaning is fully certified and accredited, with a list of previous customers who are always ready to vouch for our professionalism and results-driven attitude. Although we are based in Glasgow, we can travel to customers across Scotland’s central belt and into Central Scotland where we are needed.