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Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Professional wheelie bin cleaners

Do you live in Irvine and need your wheelie bins professionally cleaned? Flamingo Exterior Cleaning should be your go to choice. We have accrued years of experience in wheelie bin cleaning, amongst other commercial and domestic cleaning services. We work closely with our customers to ensure that your wheelie bins get the clean that they need and are ridden of any contamination or unsightliness. We ensure that we do the job with the least disruption to you as possible, leaving your wheelie bins looking and smelling like new. Whether it’s for your wheelie bins outside your home, property, or your business, we use innovative technology, and a streamlined process to make sure the job is done with high efficacy.

So, if you need wheelie bin cleaning services in Irvine, all you have to do is contact us right away and our friendly team will see to your every need. We pride ourselves on the customer service that we provide to complement our professional cleaning services. Once you get in touch, we will work with you to organise when is best for us to visit you. Based on the task at hand, we will let you know a plan of action that best suits your needs, and then leave the rest to us.

Whether you need your 120L two wheeled bin revitalised, or a four wheeled 1100L bin tackled, we can easily get these looking brand new - we can even service your whole bin store if you need it. Right now, whilst all of this is going on, it’s a great chance for you to get some peace of mind knowing that your wheelie bins are sanitised and get them back to a cleaner condition.

The Process

Arrive at property on service day

Bin receives 4 step cleaning process

Receive service slip and email

Payment processed in 2-3 days

Domestic Pricing

We provide a professional domestic wheelie bin cleaning service for all household bin types. We use our bespoke trailer to clean, dry, disinfect and deodorise your bin, leaving it clean and smelling fresh.

Amount Type Frequency Price
1x General Waste Bin Every 3 weeks £4.50
2x General Waste Bin Every 3 weeks £7.00
1x General Waste, Garden Waste or Recycling Bin One off £20.00*
1x Food Caddy One off £5.00**

*Subject to travel fee
** Must be part of a larger order

Commercial Pricing

We clean a range of commercial bins from 120L two wheeled bins right up to 1100L four wheeled bins and beyond, as well as bin stores. We can provide service at different frequencies to fit your specific needs.

Type Frequency Price
2 Wheeled Bins 120L-360L Every 2 weeks £5.00
Every 4 weeks £5.00
Every 8 weeks £7.50
Every 12 weeks £12.00
One off £20.00
4 Wheeled Bins 550L – 1300L Every 2 weeks £10.00
Every 4 weeks £15.00
Every 8 weeks £20.00
Every 12 weeks £25.00
One off £40.00
Bin Store Per clean Price on request

*Orders with fewer than 25 bins or outwith our service areas may be subject to travel fees