Wheelie Bin Cleaning Maybole, Girvan, Dunure

Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Professional wheelie bin cleaners

Need professional wheelie bin cleaning services in Maybole, Girvan, or Dunure? Being stuck indoors has got us all noticing things we haven’t paid attention to before. Our wheelie bins are certainly one thing in particular. If yours are looking and smelling funky, now’s a great time to get expert cleaners on the case.

Flamingo Exterior Cleaning work across domestic and commercial contexts to provide our expert knowledge of what it takes to give your wheelie bins the deep clean they’re screaming out for. We use our years of experience, and our streamlined process to transform the look and smell of your wheelie bins back to new. Our bespoke cleaning trailer does just that to yours bins, then follows the steps of drying, disinfecting, and deodorizing them. Whether you need domestic 120L two wheeled bins or 1100L four wheeled bins rejuvenated, or a whole bin store itself, we’re your best choice for the job.

Our friendly team are on hand to answer your questions and organise for Flamingo to come out and form a plan of action. We ensure that our wheelie bin cleaning services do not disrupt your everyday life and are done efficiently and with precision. So, if you’re in Maybole, Girvan, or Dunure, simply drop us a line and we’ll get back in touch as soon as we can.

The Process

Arrive at property on service day

Bin receives 4 step cleaning process

Receive service slip and email

Payment processed in 2-3 days

Domestic Pricing

All of our pricing for domestic wheelie bins can be found below. We're certain your bins will instantly look and smell clean and fresh.

Amount Type Frequency Price
1x General Waste Bin Every 3 weeks £4.50
2x General Waste Bin Every 3 weeks £7.00
1x General Waste, Garden Waste or Recycling Bin One off £20.00*
1x Food Caddy One off £5.00**

*Subject to travel fee
** Must be part of a larger order

Commercial Pricing

We clean a range of commercial bins from 120L two wheeled bins right up to 1100L four wheeled bins and beyond, as well as bin stores. We can provide service at different frequencies to fit your specific needs.

Type Frequency Price
2 Wheeled Bins 120L-360L Every 2 weeks £5.00
Every 4 weeks £5.00
Every 8 weeks £7.50
Every 12 weeks £12.00
One off £20.00
4 Wheeled Bins 550L – 1300L Every 2 weeks £10.00
Every 4 weeks £15.00
Every 8 weeks £20.00
Every 12 weeks £25.00
One off £40.00
Bin Store Per clean Price on request

*Orders with fewer than 25 bins or outwith our service areas may be subject to travel fees