Wheelie Bin Cleaning Glasgow, Paisley, East Kilbride

Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Professional wheelie bin cleaners

While you’ve been stuck inside, have you noticed more than usual that your wheelie bins are in need of a deep clean? Whether you’re in a domestic or commercial property, now’s the perfect time to hire a professional wheelie bin cleaning service to come out and give you one less thing to worry about. At Flamingo Exterior Cleaning, we carry out wheelie bin cleaning in Glasgow, Paisley, and East Kilbride, and can be with you right away. We have years of experience wheelie bin cleaning across Scotland and our track record speaks for itself. Our customers, who use us time and time again, are advocates of the highly efficient and effective cleaning job we do for them.

From the moment you reach out, our team is happy to help with any queries you have about cleaning your bins, and will work closely with you to make sure we accommodate your needs throughout the process. We’ll first organise to come and check out your bins - even your entire bin stores. We’re capable of tackling all sizes of commercial and domestic bins, from 120L two wheeled bins, to 1100L four wheeled bins, and beyond. Our simple yet thorough process has been developed over time and employs our cleaning trailer to clean, dry, disinfect, and deodorize your wheelie bins. So, if you’re in the Glasgow, Paisley, East Kilbride region, get in touch to organise a visit, and leave the rest to us.

The Process

Arrive at property on service day

Bin receives 4 step cleaning process

Receive service slip and email

Payment processed in 2-3 days

Domestic Pricing

Flamingo Exterior Cleaning offer a professional domestic wheelie bin cleaning service for all household types of bins. Our bespoke trailer gives your bins a new lease of life, leaving them clean and smelling fresher.

Amount Type Frequency Price
1x General Waste Bin Every 3 weeks £4.50
2x General Waste Bin Every 3 weeks £7.00
1x General Waste, Garden Waste or Recycling Bin One off £20.00*
1x Food Caddy One off £5.00**

*Subject to travel fee
** Must be part of a larger order

Commercial Pricing

We clean a range of commercial bins from 120L two wheeled bins right up to 1100L four wheeled bins and beyond, as well as bin stores. We can provide service at different frequencies to fit your specific needs.

Type Frequency Price
2 Wheeled Bins 120L-360L Every 2 weeks £5.00
Every 4 weeks £5.00
Every 8 weeks £7.50
Every 12 weeks £12.00
One off £20.00
4 Wheeled Bins 550L – 1300L Every 2 weeks £10.00
Every 4 weeks £15.00
Every 8 weeks £20.00
Every 12 weeks £25.00
One off £40.00
Bin Store Per clean Price on request

*Orders with fewer than 25 bins or outwith our service areas may be subject to travel fees